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Who are We ?

We are a Family Mixed Martial Arts School based in Bradford and together with our sister school in Halifax we promote self defence for families and children of all age groups. Our Martial Arts Programs will turn you from ‘Couch Potato’ to ‘Hot Potato’ from ‘Fearful’ to ‘Fearless’, from ‘Fat’ to ‘Super Fit’. You’ll lose pounds of unwanted, unsightly fat and build solid sleek firm, lean muscle. Your confidence will soar; as will your fitness, You'll be stronger and SAFER, almost overnight. You’ll see an amazing difference in just a few short weeks as those unwanted pounds are replaced with NEW super slim, power packed YOU.

Martial Arts training – when done well – can help us get stronger, fitter, leaner, more confident, more balanced. It helps us make better decisions and gives us the skills needed to lead a happier healthier life. You can start learning Aegis Martial Arts whether you are 3 or 73 (yes, it has been done!). All you need is a professional enthusiastic and brilliant instructor, a great venue and a positive attitude. We have the first two elements, all we need is for you to provide the third one.

Call us now on 0789 187 0846 or Request  a Call Back

Here are some other reasons to choose our school:
  • Our Instructors are Professionally Trained and Certified So you know you're in safe hands 
  • They are also Black Belt Martial Arts Experts So they know what they're doing, they are the best!
  • They are enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked So you know you and your children are free from risk
  • They are fully insured and registered Your safety is paramount
  • They undergo over 300 hours of Career Professional Training pa So you know you are learning with true professionals
  • They are nice friendly people who care about your progress So you'll be taught by true enthusiasts who love what they do

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